They Can’t Decide What Color This Jacket Is…It’s “The Dress” All Over Again!

Do you remember the nonsense that was “the dress?” People argued that it appeared to be “white and gold.” Others argued that it was “blue and black.” It was all thanks to the picture taken in the middle that a friend sent for their opinion…well, it ended up posted on social media, and the internet went NUTS trying to argue one case or the other. The magical color-changing dress is still the subject of discussion, but at nearly a year later, it seems that the internet just hasn’t had enough of this whole “guess the color” hype.2.29a7

Now, there is another picture making its rounds about the internet, and it was posted by someone who wasn’t quite sure what they were looking at.


Yep. So there you have it. Now, to me, this is clearly a baby blue sweater in poor lighting that makes the white stripe look like a dark sandy color, or, “brown.” I don’t see “black” except in the shadows (poor lighting, again) and reflections.

I thought that this seemed obvious…until I sent the picture to a coworker, who said, “yeah, I can’t believe people are arguing over this black and brown sweater!” Hm.

Clearly we see colors differently. This is hilarious…we have just gotten over the black/gold/white/blue dress fiasco, and now there is a sweater to deal with! What colors do YOU see in this picture?

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