They Called The Police On A 92-Year-Old Man For “Disturbing The Peace,” But This Officer Just Said “No.”

When Officer Robert Josett responded to a disturbance called in from a bank nearby, he responded. When he realized why the bank had called for the police, he was stunned.

The manager at this Bank of America had simply reported a “patron causing a disturbance,” but when officers arrived, they realized that the person being complained about was a 92-year-old who just wanted to withdraw funds from his account.

The man’s identification had expired, and per the bank’s policy, they wouldn’t release anything to him until he updated his information. Understandably, he was upset and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Officer Josett decided to take matters into his own hand and asked the man to go with him to the DMV. He took the man and made sure that the DMV could issue the man a new card. Once he had everything in hand, the officer took the man back to that same bank, allowing the man to finally make his withdrawal.

The police department decided to share the picture on Facebook where it immediately warmed the hearts of everyone who saw it. Shared over 10,000 times in just a few hours, they were touched that the officer would go so far out of his way to help the elderly man, and hoped that more people would consider being kind to those around them in need.

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