They Called Mom Because Faculty Staff Found A “Peaceful” Dead Squirrel In Her Son’s Backpack!

Ladye Hobson may live in Oklahoma, but it isn’t often that she prepares squirrel dumplings after finding a dead squirrel. Her son, however, seemed to think otherwise.

The principal of her son’s school called to tell her that the little boy had “made her day!” Hobson was expecting good news, like a good deed or exemplary results on a test…not that her son had picked up a dead squirrel and brought it into the school! When the dead animal was discovered, the boy was predictably sent to the principal’s office and asked why on earth he would bring it to school.

I really wanted squirrel dumplings for dinner tonight.”

The principal couldn’t contain herself and was all to glad to call up his mother and asks if she should still send the squirrel home for dinner! The principal also took a picture of the little animal with the caption:

It looked so peaceful lying there in his bag!”


Hours later, her son returns home (his backpack crawling with bugs from the animal) with tears in his eyes, apologizing for picking up a dead animal. She explained to him that it isn’t safe to handled dead animals as they might have diseases that could make him sick. But, she also let him know that she wasn’t mad…and although he may deserve some squirrel dumplings, she’s not about to make them!

We are from the country, but we’re not THAT country!” She jokes.

And now I wonder what a squirrel dumpling would even taste like.

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