They Call Her “The Prettiest Toddler In The World.” Grandmas Everywhere May Disagree!

This little girl from South Korea is being hailed as the prettiest toddler in the world. Her cute little rosy cheeks, laughing eyes, and flawless complexion have propelled her to the top with these viral photos spreading around the internet like crazy! If she doesn’t have a modeling contract for a kid’s clothing line in the next few weeks, millions of people will be surprised! Just look at her adorable little grin!


Mom might be a stylist. Look at her hair! It’s perfect – not a flyaway in sight!

I also wouldn’t be surprised if she used that cute little grin to get an extra helping of dessert after dinner…4.4a18

How sweet! Pretty pink ruffles? Pigtails? She’s too cute!4.4a19Stick-on earrings? How about stick-on face jewelry? Leave it to a toddler to tell you how you should be wearing your stick-on jewelry.4.4a20

I wonder how her parents ever tell her “no!” When someone says “puppy dog eyes!” they are probably talking about this little girl. Awwww.


But grandmas are chiming in to say that their grandkids are arguably the cutest toddlers in the world. Sure, this little girl could grace billboards for ice cream and LEGOS, but their little angels are much more adorable!

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