They Buried Their Son…But They Won’t Bury His SECRET! They Want Everyone To Read THIS!

As parents, our children’s struggles are our struggles. We just want to fix everything that goes wrong in their lives, but as the Scannells discovered, there are some things that you just can’t fix for them. Sometimes, kids need to fix things for themselves…unfortunately, this was a problem that was just too big for one kid to handle on his own. Bill Scannell wanted to help his son, but his son couldn’t help himself.

I hugged him right there. I whispered in his ear, ‘Emmett please don’t shoot dope. Just finish finals. And I love you’ and he looked right at me in the eyes and he said ‘Dad I promise I won’t. I love you,'” said Bill.

But just eleven short days later, Emmett was dead.

The young man had been in and out of rehab for his addiction to heroin, and they all thought that he was finally on the right path away from the drugs.

Emmett’s father posted this plea on Facebook, hoping that anyone and everyone would read it. At nearly 4,000 shares and national news coverage, his plan was working.



A close friend of mine came up and hugged me and whispered in our ear that because her daughter who had been a heroin addict and substance abuse sufferer saw Emmett’s story — they were leaving right here from the funeral to check her into detox immediately.”

Drug addiction is a terrifying thing that affects more people than you realize. No one could tell that Emmett had a problem just by looking at him. His addiction killed him, but his parents want you to know that it’s never too late to get help.

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