They Are Celebrating Something That Happens So Rarely, It Has Gone VIRAL!

On Monday, the Humane Society of the Pikes Region in Colorado launched what they hoped would be a successful campaign to help find forever homes for the animals living in their shelters. They called it “Bring Them Home For The Holidays,” and implemented a few incentives to get people interested in adopting a furry friend for the holidays.

They waived adoption fees for all cats, and waived the fees for dogs that were older than five years. From December 18th to New Year’s Eve, they worked hard to show off the animals living in the shelter!

When the last animal was finally adopted? They couldn’t help themselves!Many shelters are forced to euthanize animals after they’ve been at the shelter for too long. In some places, that rate can be as high as 30%! To save as many animals as they can, they accepted donations and were able to waive the fees at the end of the year, and gave homes to 25 cats and 23 dogs in the short amount of time.

They were already expecting dogs to arrive later that night, but having an empty shelter filled everyone with joy! For that small moment, dozens of animals had a place to call “home.”

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