They Adopt This Little Girl After Seeing Her Picture And Dad Says: “She’s Just Like Me”

Brian and Molly Pierce were on their honeymoon when they met a family that had adopted a child from China. Adopting children had always been a dream of theirs, and now that they were married, it seemed like a great time to start the process of building their new family.

But they had a special request for their adoption agency. If it was possible, they wanted to adopt a child that had  been born with a cleft lip and palate Рjust like Brian had been 40 years before. It was a long process to work with the adoption agency and prepare their lives for the new addition, but when they received the information of their child-to-be in an envelope, they were stunned.

Little Hattie’s picture slid out of the packet and stared up at them with happy eyes and a cleft lip. They knew that she was the one for them!

She smiles on with her eyes,” Molly had said to Brian after they met Hattie for the second time.

It took nearly a year before they were able to welcome Hattie into their home, but it was worth the wait. They took her to the same hospital that Brian had received his surgery decades before, giving them something to share.

He wanted to give her the life that she deserved, and their little family couldn’t be happier!

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