They Accidentally Wore The SAME Dress To This Wedding. None Of Them Were Bridesmaids!

After a wedding in Sydney, Australia, one clothing shop received a hilarious picture and a fun suggestion from a group of customers. The women were attending a wedding and had purchased a nice dress from Forever New, a clothing store that apparently carries the best dress ever. After spending $160 on a dress, the women got all dressed up and arrived at the wedding, ready to celebrate and have a good time.

But one after another…they spotted another woman inĀ theirĀ dress! At first, one woman was upset when her cousin walked in wearing the same outfit. As more women arrived in the same dress, they began to find the humor in it.

Six women in total were dressed alike. Three women were from the bride’s side and three were from the groom’s. They hadn’t planned it, but by the end of the night, they were glad it had happened!They weren’t bridesmaids, but they were excited to pose with the bride in this humorous twist of events!

One of the women sent this picture to Forever New and wondered if they might implement a new feature for their site by allowing women to see what other guests have purchased! Oops!

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