These Women Are Now Best Friends After A Guy Planned To Date Them ALL In One Night!

A jerk from D.C. decided to plan not one, not two, but six dates with six different women in a single night. It’s all about respect – if you’re asking someone out for drinks, you’re expecting them to dedicate their evening to getting to know you and see if there is a connection. This guy? Well, he definitely needs a lesson in manners!

Justin, a dude who thought it would be a good idea to lie to all of his dates about the true purpose of the night, got caught red-handed…and when he was confronted about it, had a response that made the internet furious.

He planned to meet all of the girls for 45 minutes each at the same bar, but hadn’t counted on his very first date being friends with the bar staff. When she decided to stick around, she realized that “his plans with friends” was actually a second date! She warned the second girl, who quickly realized that the mysterious phone call he had been on was a third date. He had given her the wrong time and accidentally “double-booked” himself!

When the third woman arrived, they decided to leave him and go across the street to another bar. Then, the first woman’s bartending friends texted her to say that he had just met a fourth woman! While he was chatting her up, the women realized that there was a fifth date and intercepted her; she had arrived early. She was angry and told Justin that she wouldn’t be speaking to him.

His response?

Oh, no, you’re already cut.”

Infuriating. When his sixth date of the night arrives, the women confront him and ask why he thought “scheduling dates” for 40 minutes each would allow him to get to know any one of them, he just said “I’m a project manager, I manage my time efficiently.”

What he really is, they wanted him to know, was disrespectful and rude. The new best friends have already planned brunch together and hope to spread the word: if you’re looking for a meaningful connection, don’t expect women to “audition” for your time.

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