These Wedding Dresses Are So Intricate, People Are Stunned When They Realize How They’re Made!

While some brides might spend thousands of dollars on a wedding gown, others might spend only as much as they need to – and in this case, the dresses in question could be made for pennies on the dollar. These wedding dresses are so intricate and detailed that people are honestly stunned to realize that…

They are all made out of toilet paper! For over ten years, the annual contest allows designers to show off their incredible creations made from a material that would melt if it got wet. No silk or lace – just toilet paper!

The prizes? $10,000 for first place. The first place dress this year (pictured above) was hand-crafted by a mother of two who spend hours and hours working on the dress after her kids had gone to bed each night. She created over 1,500 paper butterflies and added a large train to the gown, stunning the judges with her intricate attention to detail.

Other dresses were just as impressive.Many of the contestants have also offered to donate their creations to brides in need of a last-minute gown after the sudden closure of Alfred Angelo stores across the country! It might not be couture, but it will be a wedding dress to remember!
Would you wear one of these incredible gowns?They are just too incredible! They don’t seem real…just don’t stand too close to a flame!

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