These Veterans Set Out To Help A Widow In Their Community By Building A Bridge Just For Her

Belinda Hart was dedicated to helping her mother. Her husband was deceased and taking care of her aging mother was a large focus in her life. Her mother has Alzheimer’s, and in addition to her health concerns, now lives most of her life in a wheelchair. After a large storm swept through the area, the walkway from the house to the street was destroyed. In order for her to leave the house, she has to cross a shallow creek. In a wheelchair, this is nearly impossible.

But Belinda never gave up. Whenever her mother needed to leave the house for a doctor’s appointment, Belinda would ferry her mother across the water, using two convenient logs that served as a makeshift bridge. It was hard, but she did it to help her mother.

When Sam Warner and Flenoy Barrow heard about the struggle, they immediately began to help.The men were members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization and were excited for the chance to help out in their community. Even after all of the years that had passed, they never stopped serving their community.

Despite their age, the men worked to build a bridge to close the gap between the widow’s home and the street. Now, the way is safer, and Belinda has these veterans to thank for it.

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