These “Unadoptable” Feral Cats Have Found A New Lease On Life: Professional Rat Hunters

In Chicago, the rat problem is one of the worst in all of North America. Rats are everywhere, and they destroy property, spread disease, and are a general nuisance to the people who live there. They also have cats that aren’t good candidates for adoption or living in an animal shelter because of the way they were neglected or raised.

One program, “Cats at Work,” decided to tackle two of these large problems at once and have discovered something that actually works. A natural way to combat the rats give people an environmentally friendly option to get rid of the pests…and it gives these cats a new lease on life.7.19a7

The cats wouldn’t do well as house cats and many of them can’t work together given their territorial behaviors.

After a company or homeowner pays a fee, they have to wait around 30 days before they receive a feral cat – or two to three that are comfortable around one another – to fight off the rodents and have a safe place to live.

One woman lived next to a vacant home that housed 400 rats. They would crawl into her yard and find their way into her home until she adopted two feral cats who have completely gotten rid of the rats. The cats are now happy to live on her property and enjoy hunting stray rats that come near.7.19a8

A brewery found that they had a rat problem that destroyed some of their grain. Adopting several feral cats eliminated their rat problem and gaining playful cats that have learned to love the humans who work there.

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