These U.S. Soldiers Were Confronted By The TSA On Their Way Home…The TSA’s Response Is RIDICULOUS!

If you’ve flown in the USA within the past 15 years, you have had to deal with the TSA. This extra security measure was put in place to discourage violence, hi-jacking, and general criminal behavior. Of course, they have some questionable reasoning behind some of their policies, and every now and then, we get a story like THIS! I can’t imagine what was going through this TSA agent’s mind when he was confronted with how ridiculous this policy might be compared to what they were letting these guys actually take on the plane with them…


So…an unloaded rifle is not a weapon…but nail clippers are…? You know what? I would like to know why this makes sense, because it sure doesn’t seem very clear to me! I feel pretty bad for that TSA agent, too. It’s obvious that he doesn’t agree with the new rules, either, but what’s a guy to do? I will say that I’ve lost a good pair of tweezers due to this rule! I keep them in my makeup bag, and because I don’t check my bags when I travel, I easily forget that they are in there until a TSA agent tells me that they have to take them up before I can board my flight. Has this ever happened to you?

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