These Two Waitresses May Have SAVED This Woman’s Life. All They Needed To Do Was Recognize THESE Signs!

Predators are out there, and they have gotten really good at exploiting women. They know exactly what to say to disarm suspicion and get away with some really awful stuff. For this woman, she learned the hard way that even if a guy is being polite and charming, you can never completely trust someone you’ve just met. The worst part is that most guys aren’t like this one, but his actions alone have made it impossible for this woman to ever trust anyone again so easily. Would you have recognized the signs?


How disgusting was this guy?! I think the scariest part is that he had planned it all from the beginning. He was nice and sweet and funny, making her feel safe enough to take a “shot” that he had brought with him. From the first moment they started talking, he was planning to take advantage of her, not even knowing about her personality or who she was as a person. To him, she was just “the next woman,” and that is the scariest part of all.

If you ever see anyone in this situation, DO NOT take them home. Take them to a hospital immediately and notify the police! For all we know, this guy might have done this to many other women, and she might not have been the last one.

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