These Two Strangers Shared A Meal After The Most Unexpected Chain Of Events

Heather L. was out to lunch with her friends. The diner was full and there was quite a long wait for a table, but that was normal for their area. What wasn’t normal? This man’s actions. When she and her friends realized what he was up to, their hearts melted!

An older woman walked into the diner, but she was alone. She had asked for a table for one, but there was going to be a wait. When this man noticed, he didn’t hesitate. He stood up from his table and walked over to her, the friends overhearing his kind offer.

I have three empty seats at my table, would you like to sit with me so you don’t have to wait?” He asked.

She accepted the offer, and the friends were further stunned when the young man pulled a chair out next to him instead of across the table! They chatted throughout their meal, and the friends noticed that every now and then, they would eat in silence, but that their group included her even though they had never met her before.

In other countries, this isn’t so very uncommon. Many times, a stranger will eat with a stranger simply because they need to sit down. In the United States, it is practically unheard of.

Many comments on the viral photo admit that while they praised the young man’s actions, they wouldn’t have thought to offer their spare seats. It put a different perspective on a common situation, and that might be the most inspiring part of all.

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