These Two Sisters Prove What “Family” Means By Adopting Six Kids Together

The Smith sisters are no stranger to adoption. Growing up, Tracy and Sherrie Smith had three siblings that were adopted. The girls just knew in their hearts that when they grew up, they would adopt children as well…but they could never have imagined that this is how it would all come about!

The sisters live in Fort Worth, Texas, a state where an estimated 14,000 children live in foster care and are awaiting adoption. They had the idea that grew into a reality, surprising everyone and making headlines for their new definition of what it means to be a family.

Sherrie is my best friend; we do everything together.” Tracy said about her sister.

And Sherrie agreed, pointing out the fact that they already do everything together anyway…”why not just roll with it, you know?”

For National Adoption Day, the sisters worked with Tarrant County who agreed to let the two sisters become two mothers by allowing them to keep six children together.

11-22a17The sisters have shared a home throughout their adulthood. When Sherrie had seizures and eventually went into a coma at age 20, Tracy was there for her to nurse her back to health.

They knew that they wanted to foster, and the county told them that there were four siblings that needed a home. The sisters agreed…and the county admitted that there were actually six children but didn’t think anyone would take on more than four. The Smith sisters were all for it, and in return, the county agreed to let the pair be joint parents by adopting the lot.

And what if the right man comes along?

If a man comes along and he’s the right one, awesome,” said Tracy. “It’s going to take an even more special man to buy into this. Because this is weird,” she joked. “We know it.”

The six siblings have a new lease on life, and the Smith sisters get to fulfill their dreams to be mothers. This family is truly inspirational.


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