These Two Rednecks Thought They Had The Perfect Way To Fool The Police…This Is Hilarious!

In the country, drinking and driving can be a bigger problem than people realize. When someone’s house is 20 miles away from the nearest bar through country roads, it’s easy to just not care about whether or not they should be driving. I never paid attention to “drinking and driving” until I started driving myself. After being taught about how dangerous it is to drink while driving, I was shocked to realize how often my uncles did this very thing! It wasn’t soda in their cans – it was beer! Well, when these two guys realized that they were about to be caught with beer in their car, they decided to do something that they thought was so very clever…


Yeah, guys, I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works! They have obviously confused the nicotine patch with a…”beer patch?” Hey, it made perfect sense at the time! I bet those cops already expected something ridiculous when a car pulled off to the side of the road just a few hundred feet from their blockade. I also imagine that those cops were betting on what kind of excuse those guys would give them once they pulled up to the road block…I’ll bet they weren’t expecting THIS! Too funny!

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