These Things Sell For Hundreds In Department Stores…But You Can Make Them YOURSELF!

Having chic drink coasters on your coffee table or patio furniture is a fun way to accessorize the room without spending big bucks…but for this unique trend, apparently, you can end up spending nearly $200 for a set of four. That’s right, only four. One lady wasn’t about to spend a large amount of her budget on drink coasters so she decided to make them herself. We think they came out beautifully!

There are a few methods to doing this, but the most important part is to find agate slices that are rounded and roughly 4 inches in diameter. With a quick search online, you’ll be able to find some in your area or have them shipped to your home!

The second step is to find a way to create the golden edges. Some crafters use gold leaf paint, others use gold acrylic paint, and some have even used gold nail polish! Some prefer silver, so this part is really all about your preferences and what you can find in your area to give the agate slices that beautiful shimmery edging. If your coasters are going to sit on a smooth table surface, you’ll want to stick on little rubber “feet” to keep them from sliding, but that’s it! Now you can enjoy your luxurious coasters at a fraction of the price! You can see more details on this project here.

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