These Teens From California Had An Awesome Idea: Taking Shelter Dogs Out On Their Morning Runs!

The kids from St. Joseph High School in California thought that they could do something good during their cross-country training and contacted their local animal shelter.

The students run a steady distance each and every morning as a part of their daily training, but someone realized that the dogs at a nearby shelter don’t get walked as often in the summer. They decided to each pair up with a dog that lives there and take them out on their morning run. While some of the dogs aren’t trained to walk or run on a leash, they quickly got the hang of it while running in their new “pack.”

The team’s coach, Luis Escobar, hopes that this becomes a regular tradition that will inspire other schools to do the same thing. It may even help many of the dogs to get adopted quicker when more people see them running along the road!

I am not sure who was more excited and having the most fun…the dogs or the kids!” Escobar commented.8.8a1

It will take a little tweaking until a tradition is formed. Some of the dogs didn’t want to run and held the children back, some of the dogs were a little too exuberant and will need additional training, but overall, the experiment was a success!

The kids were inspired to run faster, the dogs were happy to get a good workout, and coach Escobar plans to do it again soon! They weren’t sure if it would work, but the kids loved it, the dogs loved it, and social media loved it!

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