These Teachers “Vandalized” The Girl’s Restroom At Their Middle School

Just in time for the new school year, these teachers decided to give the girl’s restroom an inspirational makeover!

These seventh grade teachers wanted their students to feel better about themselves, their days, and their time at school. The bathrooms were plain and dull, but they knew that with just a bit of paint and a few stencils, they could drastically change the look and feel of these stalls. If it made their students have a better day, they were willing to spend a few hours sprucing up the boring paint job. 

With smiles on their faces, they hoped that a quick trip to the restroom would give their girls a happier rest of the day. They shouldn’t need to focus on their reflections in the mirror; they should focus on being better people, learning as much as possible, and making meaningful friends at school.The teachers unveiled their beautiful work on Facebook and were excited to know what their new students would think about it.

A new school year is a scary thing – especially for new students – but if a few stenciled letters on the walls and stalls can help in any way, the teachers were happy to put in the extra work!

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