These SUPER Sexist Dating Tips For Women In 1938 Will Make You CRINGE!!

Women have come a long way throughout history, but there is still a lot that needs to happen before we can truly all be equal. For now, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see what our grandparent’s society thought was “acceptable behavior” and what wasn’t…for women. Go through these for yourself and prepare to scoff at how terrible they are!!


They type this as if no man has ever cried at a bar before. I can name two guys right now who shared (and cried about) personal life stories in public on a date. They both got second dates for opening up! I hope this guy got dumped for being a solid rock of manly, emotionless chit chat. Good luck finding a second date, buddy!


Well, that goes both ways. If I’m driving, you’d better not grab that mirror unless you have an eyelash in your eye or we’re at a red light. Common courtesy. Also, while your date is battling a painful eyelash, you can stand to pull over for a second and help her get it out. Geez.


Yes, let’s let him think that he is the pinnacle of conversation at all times…this way, he’ll be really confused when you don’t respond to any of his calls because it was the worst date of your life! I don’t know where I would be if I wasn’t “allowed” to tell a guy that he wasn’t interesting.


This one should have nothing to do with women, but being ready to go if someone is picking you up is just general common sense. If I’m wasting my gas to come and pick you up, the least you can do is be ready. Also, that guy looks more intrigued than annoyed, if you ask me.


I’m confused. You either want women to wear makeup or you don’t. Does he think she wakes up in it? “Don’t spoil the illusion,” my grandmother used to say. Hey, if he can burp in public, I can fix my lipstick in public.


Then let him dance alone!

“I didn’t come on this date to dance with a solid wall who won’t talk to me.” – Probably said by a woman at one point in the 1930s.


Or don’t do any of that and find a man who doesn’t think a wrinkled stocking is the equivalent to the end of the world.


Can someone tell that to the guy who thinks it’s okay to touch my hair on the first date? This one goes both ways, buddy! I’m not a Chia Pet. Don’t touch me.


Woah, that one definitely goes both ways. You don’t want to hear about my bowling date the other night, and I don’t want to hear about your date at the concert last weekend. Preach.


Or you could meet halfway and find topics that you both enjoy talking about, like your favorite restaurants or movies. Win-win!


This is good advice in general – don’t drink too much. Your liver will thank you in 10 years.


If your stoic-rock-emotionless-man-wall is being boring and you have no way to tell him that he’s boring and you’re close to tears because you can’t talk about things that he doesn’t like to talk about and you can’t distract yourself with copious amounts of alcohol, what else is a girl to do?! GOODNESS.


PSA: Don’t get drunk and pass out on a date.

Hopefully you learned something about dating. Or just about being a good person in general. Don’t drink too much.

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