These Stray Dogs Were Matted So Badly, Their Circulation Was Being Cut Off! After? They Are NEW Dogs!

This is Buddy. When he was taken to the emergency vet, they didn’t know how bad his condition would turn out to be, but they were prepared for the worst. His fur was severely matted, and in many place, was keeping his irritated and infected skin from falling off of his body. He was an old dog, roughly 14 years old, and they weren’t sure if he would survive their rescue attempts.8.19a1When they began shaving him, they realized just how delicate his skin had become. It had not been receiving any air and was paper-thin. When they took off the matted fur, the skin of his legs came with it. They treated him with IV pain medication and antibiotics, but they weren’t hopeful.8.19a7Miraculously, he survived even after having 18 rotten teeth pulled…all thanks to Hannah, a little dog that was living in the cage next to him at the vet.8.19a5Hannah was brought in, unable to use her front right leg. At some point, it had become tangled in her matted fur and was slowly being strangled. Deep lacerations cut into her muscle as the fur kept growing and tangling, and the staff was expecting to amputate.8.19a2As they shaved away the fur, they saw how terrible her condition really was and put her in emergency surgery right away. Doctors were able to save her leg, and she recovered in a cage right next to Buddy.8.19a3The two dogs became close through the bars and were soon inseparable. When they were finally put up for adoption, one family knew that they would need to adopt both dogs, or none at all.8.19a4This family had adopted a 12-year-old boy from a string of abusive foster homes, and now, at 17, he was graduation high school with honors and would be off to college soon. He knew that his new parents would care for these dogs just as they had cared for him, and the vets at this clinic knew that the pups would be in good hands for the rest of their lives!8.19a8


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