These Strangers Went To The Museum And Accidentally Found Their Past Selves

They all went to these art museums for different reasons. Professors, students, dates, or maybe just because they liked art, these folks walked into their local museums and walked out wondering if they might actually be time-travelers and not even know it.

Hundreds of years ago, an artist sat down at an easel and painted a portrait of an actual living person, capturing their likeness as realistically as possible. Incredibly, hundreds of years later, eerily similar people stared at pictures that could have easily been them in another life. They posed for pictures with their doppelgangers, and here are some of the best.
In another life, they may have been priests, soldiers, ladies, or law-makers. How different would their lives have been? It gave them a lot to think about. Noblemen or house maids, peasants or kings. Life was so very different in centuries past, and finding “themselves” was a strange thing to stand face-to-face with. 

The similarities are just too incredible to ignore! Which one do you think is the most accurate?

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