These Stones Look Soft After This Artist Uses His “Magic” Touch

José Manuel Castro López learned how to manipulate stone between 1980 and 1985 in the “School of Stonecutters,” and has been stunning the world ever since. A hard stone like quartz or granite doesn’t look like it would ever bend or fold, but once this incredible artist is done with them, the stones don’t look real.

It is not the sculptor who acts, but the wizard, the druid,” he tells The Creators Project, “My relationship with the stone is not physical, but magical. It recognizes me, it obeys me…we understand each other. My stones are not lifeless. They manifest themselves.”

His sculptures are mesmerizing. The folds in the stone are very real, and are hard as rock to the touch…which makes sense, as they are actually rocks.But we’ve never seen a stone with a random folded piece carved out of it, and so it looks mystical and strange.Some of his works are small, and some are the size of a minivan. He uses a combination of heat and skill that bend the rocks to his will. His workshop is outdoors, letting him experience nature while he molds the stones into beautiful artwork. The finished pieces are breathtaking, and people are mesmerized by the simple impossibility of what he has done to the stones. Thousands of people are in love with his artwork, and we can see why!

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