These Special Hospital Gowns Are Making A HUGE Difference For Teens Battling Illness!

Wearing a hospital gown is like…well, being in the hospital. There’s nothing good about it.”

It makes me feel like my identity has been stripped away from me.”

When you can’t wear what you want, you feel like you’re not who you should be, or you’re just your illness.”

7.14a13Starlight Canada began working with top fashion designers to bring young kids and teens a way to express themselves during their extended hospital stays. These designers have worked with big names like Meryl Streep and David Bowie, but they say that designing these gowns is so much more important. 7.14a14The customized designs were created especially for the kids and lets them express themselves in a way that they couldn’t before. It lets the kids be who they are outside of the hospital without compromising their treatments. 7.14a12They are called Ward+Robes, and they are a hit. Staying in a hospital can be scary. Not knowing what comes next is something that teens deal with on a daily basis, but to have the added layer of illness darkening their horizons, it takes a lot to help them stay positive and keep living every day. The project is growing fast, and hopefully hospitals in the United States and eventually all over the world will be able to participate!7.14a11An extended stay in a hospital doesn’t mean giving up their identity, and these kids are in love with their new gowns!

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