These Sleepover Mattresses Can Cost Over $100 Online!! Clever Moms Are Making Them For $20 Or Less!

Now THIS is a project that is really useful! If you haven’t seen them before, they are sometimes called “pillow beds” or “sleepover mats.” They are comfortable, portable, easily washable (all great things when it comes to kids!) and best of all, they have so many uses. They can be folded up into chairs, propped up for movie time, used as mattresses during sleepovers, or just a place to sit when the weather gets chilly.

But online, these can run up to $100. They are great and perfect for kids…until moms everywhere started thinking, “isn’t this just…pillows?”
4.6a14These starred pillow mats sell for £110 online.4.6a15

One mom took four old pillows and sewed them up inside of a sheet! It’s folded in half and sewn in four equal parts. The pillows are then shoved inside and sewn right in! She attached a string to the outside so that she could roll it up and squash it for storage. 4.6a16

One mom just sewed five pillow cases together! Why get too complicated, right? Some moms are creating some really fun pillow mats with their old and used pillows, and sew them into large Twin sized sheets.


You could go out and purchase all new pillows and sheets…or, you could re-purpose some old ones! Just don’t forget to clean and whiten them before handing them out at a sleepover!

This simple project can be done in an hour, and the kids will have a fun new way to be comfortable! Everybody wins!

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