These Six Stories Of Incompetent People Will Keep You Laughing All The Way Through! OMG!

Hey, I’ve been there! Having an off day, forgetting where I parked my car, not understanding someone even though they repeated themselves 3 times already…the list goes on and on! I have no doubt that I have probably said or done things just as ridiculous throughout the years, but I’m not sure that I’ve done things quite¬†this¬†outrageous! Some of these made me cringe just by reading them! Go ahead and see for yourself!


Aside from that terrible parenting in the last one, these are all totally believable! When someone doesn’t “connect the dots” in their head, it can lead to some fairly hilarious situations! These kind of miscommunication usually happens due to a language barrier or from people who are not familiar with certain phrases. But sometimes, it happens to us when we least expect it. Like these people, unless some kind soul decides to explain the confusion, we’ll just continue about our day not realizing that we made fools of ourselves. At least we can laugh about it now! These people were too funny!

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