These Six Pictures Will Leave You At The Edge Of Your Seat! The Anticipation Is KILLING Me!

For Kinfolk Magazine’s recent Adrenaline Issue, photographer Aaron Tilley and Director Kyle Bean captured a set of very particular moments.

The following images prey on our natural instincts. The anxiety that builds up when we realize what might happen in the next moment is why these photographs are so powerful. The anticipation of what comes next is something rather unique, and these talented men have managed to capture six very intense moments.

Which one is giving you the most anxiety? I can’t decide which one is the worst!

This rock is about to make a grand display of sparks and flames!


This one might be satisfying…if the ball were ever allowed to finish rolling! I just want it to pop all of those little bubbles.

3.8a21No! Someone save the shirt! I’m not sure which thing is going to happen first…will the pen SLIP out of the chain, or will the drop DRIP onto that pristine white shirt?! I think I found my least favorite picture. It’s definitely this one.
3.8a22No! Somebody move the delicate crystal glass! Oh, the champagne!


So…we just…wait? How long do we think it’ll take that balloon to fall? 3.8a24

Oh no! Messiness incoming! How wasteful.


These guys have a lot of talent. These pictures have officially given me a cold sweat. Yuck! Who knew that a picture could be so REAL?

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