These Sisters Just Shared Their 100th Birthday! The Best Part? They’re TWINS!

“Living to 100” was always something that you just expected to do as a kid, but as we get older, we see how rare accomplishing that feat actually is. Celebrating 100 years of life is a beautiful thing, but celebrating it with your identical twin sister has got to be one of the best feelings there is!

Mary Belle Roach and Mae Belle Powell have spent their entire lives together, and have now achieved an incredible milestone by living to see 100 years of age! That’s 10 decades of sisterly love.


The sisters attended Murray State College during the great depression, and at $5 per semester, they definitely got their money’s worth.

Mae was terrible at sports, so Mary would go to gym class in her place. In exchange, Mae would write Mary’s book reports! It was just one of the perks of having an identical twin!

They each married childhood friends after college and even became teachers at the same elementary school. At the time, the salary was $1 per day.


They taught at that elementary school for 42 years and retired together. They didn’t stop there! With their husbands and their mobile homes, they traveled across each and every state in America and even visited 8 countries in Europe.

Their husbands, sadly, did not survive to see them on their 100th birthdays, but the twins didn’t let that get them down for long. They decided to live with one another, and even share a bedroom. They go for daily walks and weekly hair appointments to pass the time, staying active and being grateful for the lives they have been given!


To spend 100 years on this Earth is an achievement. To spend those 100 years together with an identical twin? That’s just amazing!

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