These Shoppers Are OUTRAGED At This Sweater Being Sold At Target! The Controversial Piece Is Still In Stores. Do You Agree?

What do you look for when purchasing a new sweater? Do you like them to be covered in gaudy rhinestones and silly patterns, or do you prefer a plain and neutral style that can be worn more than once a week without people noticing? My favorite time to buy sweaters is after the holidays because they are usually half the price. Sure, I may be a season behind whatever the “style” is, but that doesn’t stop me from saving money!

When shoppers went to Target this season looking to bulk up their winter closets, they were met with one very questionable item that poked fun at a mental illness. Whether you are offended or not, here’s the story behind the controversy.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) affects over 2.2 million Americans, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, and it’s no wonder that people affected by OCD are upset. The general reason for their anger is that the shirt is turning a disorder that affects the way millions of people have to adapt, medicate, and cope isn’t a joke and shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s marketing schemes.12.9a2

Some people took a lighter approach when confronting the retail giant, using the holiday season as a way to shame them. Yet some individuals coping with this disorder had the completely opposite approach! Instead of getting angry or finding offense, they complimented the designers on the most important aspect of this item: its perfection.


But none of it worked. Target has stated that they will not be removing the item from its stores and never intended to offend anyone with the sweater. When questioned directly about questionable merchandise in the past, Target stated that, “It is never our intention to offend anyone. These shirts are intended as a fun wink and we have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our guests.”


Target is sticking to this sweater and doesn’t really mind all of the outrage. Does this make them right or wrong? Naughty or nice? Will they be on Santa’s list this year? Who knows! In the meantime, I’ll just keep on wearing my comfy, half-priced sweaters without words or designs every winter and drink my hot chocolate in peace.

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