These Seemed Like Normal Cupcakes At First…By The End, It’s A MASTERPIECE! Wow!

What better way to show mom that you appreciate her than with a GORGEOUS bouquet? No, I’m not talking about real flowers – these are CUPCAKE flowers! In a cupcake bouquet! It seems complicated at first, but the steps are so simple that you’ve got to try it for yourself! This is a personal spin on a classic – cake and flowers – but transformed into a fun and quirky gift that everyone will love.
5.4a1It all starts with cupcakes, colored icing, and these crazy looking tips! They seem like snowflakes almost, but once the icing is pressed out of them, flowers appear almost from nowhere!5.4a2These are classic roses – but without the difficult individual petals! One squeeze, and a rose is formed!5.4a3A different style of flower (a bit like a zinnia, perhaps) in a bright color can breathe life and contrast into your cupcake bouquet!5.4a4A simple peony can tie it all together! These piping tips take the hard work out of icing flower designs and make it easy to fill up the cupcake with gorgeous flowers!5.4a5If you don’t have a piping tip that will make a leaf, fold a piping bag into a triangle at the corner and snip the end. You’ll end up with a ‘V’ shape. This will create your leaves!5.4a6Easy! Use a bright green icing to add leaves to your cupcake bouquet.5.4a7Use a large basket lined with fun foil paper! The shinier, the better!5.4a8Place a styrofoam ball into the basket and make sure that it is snug. You don’t want your cupcakes to topple off! Use toothpicks to secure each cupcake in place on a large styrofoam ball. 5.4a9Place your cupcakes with a bit of space between them. Pay attention to the colors and arrangements.
5.4a10Fill in the white spaces with green tissue paper. Wedge more tissue at the base of your bouquet to keep everything snug. 5.4a11Now you’ve got a truly one of a kind gift that is as delicious as it is pretty! Experiment with different color combinations! Give a gift that will be remembered for years to come.

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