These Save-The-Dates Had Already Been Mailed Out When The Groom Admitted To Adding THIS To Their Photograph! OH NO!

Getting married is a huge step in most people’s lives. Choosing to commit to one person for the rest of your life is an important decision, and it has always been celebrated in the most jovial of ways! Recently, more and more brides have started to document every process of the engagement. Grooms will hire a photographer to snap photos of “popping the question,” brides will send out invitations to the engagement parties, couples will send out “Save The Date” cards announcing the date of the wedding, all before the wedding plans even start to come together.

It is a lot of work that can take months to prepare, and most couples decide that splitting up the tasks will help to ease the plans along. While the bride may be in charge of booking appointments, the groom might be in charge of mailing out invitations. It all depends on how the couples choose to tackle these monumental tasks.

In Ben and Amy’s case, Ben had been in charge of creating and sending out the Save-The-Date cards to all of their friends and family. Amy glanced at them to be sure the details were all right before approving them, and gave Ben the O.K. to mail them out! Ben did just that…and then waited for everyone to receive them in the mail!


He posted this picture to reddit and asked if anyone could spot the mysterious “3rd party” in their photo! He had to wait until they had been dropped i the mail of course – just in case his bride didn’t think his practical joke was hilarious! Can you spot it? Here, let me help you…


Do you see it? I can tell that this guy likes to laugh. He did add this to their picture, after all! This is too funny! Gee, I wonder if he was a fan of this movie growing up…wait, you still don’t see it? Here, this will help!


Above his right shoulder, he photoshopped a picture of a velociraptor. In their picture. Sent out to all of their friends and family. Now, I can’t believe that she would have been mad once she found out about this! She knew who she was marrying! Now that they had all been sent out, it was just a matter of time to see if any of their friends or family would spot the hidden surprise in these adorable pictures!

It turns out that almost no one caught this Easter Egg, but it gave this couple something to remember as time went on! This is too funny! Did you ever do something CRAZY like this for an important event? This guy is clever, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they put these hidden raptors in all of their photos from here on out! CUTE!

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