These Riddles Have The SIMPLEST Answers! If You Over-Think, You’ll Get It Wrong!

Everybody loves a good riddle! Well, most people, anyway. This collection of riddles contains a few old ones and a few new ones…but even if you have heard them before, will you remember the answer? Give them a try and see for yourself!Answer: The third room.

If the lions haven’t eaten in years, they starved to death long before the murderer was given the choice.Answer: 87.

The numbers are all upside-down from 86 to 91.Answer: short.

Short becomes shorter when you add two letters to it.Answer: an anchor.Answer: a stamp.Answer: your left hand.Answer: he was inside.Answer: the maid.

There isn’t any mail on Sundays.

How did you do?! If you’ve heard them before, you might have had a chance…but these are just too hard! They shouldn’t be, but they are!

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