These Retirees Spend Their Days In A Workshop Making Wheelchairs To Send Overseas!

When most people think about retirement, they think of relaxing and leaving their responsibilities behind. Getting to do the things they never used to have time for or spending time with the grand kids is how they plan their days…but this group of retirees has a different goal in mind, and it is changing the lives of people half a world away!

Perth, in Australia, has created a workshop called Wheelchairs for Kids, and the people who show up every day are a special kind of awesome. 170 volunteers work together to create some truly life-changing chairs for families who have never received this level of aid before in their lives.

One such life? Little Saw Beebe. Due to a bacterial infection over two years ago, he lost the ability to walk or speak. Access to healthcare is rare for his village, and his family has had to carry him everywhere. The village is only accessible by foot for the majority of the year, so when his wheelchair arrived, his family was beyond grateful.

The village, once they realized that they were able to get the help they needed, requested more! They had never dreamed of this kind of aid.

Each wheelchair costs only $200, and they are backed by the World Health Organisation. The volunteers show up in shifts of 40 people, and even when there is no work scheduled, they still come to the workshop to sit around and have coffee. It doesn’t feel like “work,” and they have formed lasting friendships through this incredible project.

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