These Puppies Were Taken To A Shelter With Little Hope Of Survival…Until One Brave Mama Cat Stepped Up To The Plate!

Two small puppies were dropped off at an animal shelter. The problem? They were too small for solid foods. Without milk from mom, they might not have made it.

While in the shelter, two cats were nursing a newly-delivered litter of kittens and didn’t mind the extra mouths! It didn’t matter that these new babies weren’t kittens. The puppies were welcomed with open paws! The mothering instinct is too strong to be ignored, and these moms weren’t about to let the infant puppies starve!

In this picture, you can see the beige puppy stretched out alongside his black and white foster-kitten-siblings! Munching happily away for breakfast.


In this next picture, you can see the black puppy stretched out next to his gray and black kitten-siblings! These mama cats don’t mind one bit! 3.23a30

The puppies will grow big and strong on mom’s milk, and will be adopted in no time at all! These little pups were saved thanks to the generosity of these cats. Maybe one day, the puppies will save little kittens somehow!

If only they were nearby – I would adopt them! How bravely they have fought just to survive! Any puppy that lives through such a tragic ordeal deserves all the love in the world!

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