These Police Officers Go Out Of Their Way To Help This Rescued Pit Bull Get Adopted!

Police officers in New York City rescued a malnourished pitbull, bringing her from the brink of death back into loving hands. Her previous owner had been arrested for animal cruelty, but Jamie the pitbull had been covered in urine, feces, and filth. Her nails had grown so long, they were beginning to curl around her feet. Slowly, she began to trust again, and now she was ready for a new life in a new home. Six months after her rescue, they are at it again, and people can’t stop praising them!11-9a1Officers knew it was time for Jamie to be adopted and did everything in their power to bring publicity to the cuddly dog. They gave her rides in their police van, took her to the park, gave her endless belly rubs, and even let her eat “pup cakes!”

It’s important for people to understand that dogs who’ve suffered, like Jamie, make great pets and are certainly just as deserving of safe, loving homes as any other adoptable animal.” Said Howard Lawrence, the vice president of the ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement.

Thanks to their efforts, Jamie has gained a lot of interest, and the officers are hopeful that Jamie will not only be welcomed into a forever home, but will inspire others to adopt other recovered rescue dogs.

Would you adopt a rescue pet, or is it just too risky? Volunteers hope that more people will visit their local shelters and see just how cuddly rescued pups can be!


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