These People Want Dogs To Have ALL The Love! “Doggy Sharing” Is Now A Thing!

Millions of people own dogs, but the sad truth is that millions more want to own dogs but simply can’t. Whether they don’t have the space in their homes for a pet, their landlord doesn’t allow pets, they don’t have the time to care for a dog, or their food and care just isn’t in the budget, people want dogs but just have to say ‘no…’ until now!

The founder of BorrowMyDoggy, Rikke Rosenlund, realized that there were a lot of people out there that would love to “rent a dog” for a day, but weren’t able to. In 2012, she borrowed a cheeky lab named Aston and had an idea.

Why were dog owners paying over-crowded kennels and over-priced dog walkers when there were people like her out there that wanted to do it for free?
She started the foundation and provided a space for dog owners and dog borrowers to meet. For a lot of members, they love having the option of walking a dog that lives nearby as often as they want. They get into contact with the owner and take their cuddly friend out for a stroll – something that usually helps out the owners when they get busy. In the same way, its easier for dog owners to find temporary care for their pups when they have to go out of town or can’t walk their dog that day due to sickness or too much on their plate.

Having a dog of my own is the ultimate dream but a bit unrealistic right now as I work full time. Borrow my doggy means I can walk Loli who lives 3 streets away as often as I can commit to, knowing that it’s a big help to her owner, extra walkies for Loli and fun for me.” One user said.

Dogs, owners, and friendly neighbors are all excited about the program! So far, over half a million people are borrowing and lending their pups! Cuddles for all!

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