These People Took “Gingerbread Houses” And Turned Them Into MANSIONS! I Want To LIVE In This One!

Do you remember those chilly winter mornings when it was finally time to build gingerbread houses?! Those were my favorite days. Usually, it happened on a Saturday morning and all of our family would get together to make huge messes and eat a lot of candy. I’m sure the adults came just to get a few moments away from all of us kids out on winter break, but hey, it was still great.¬†

While we would all work really hard on our masterpieces, they usually ended up looking like this:


And our parents would say things like “you tried so hard!” Or “I love all the the different kind of candies that you used!” This has been my only real experience with delicious little houses that you can chip away at over the holiday (jelly beans are always gone first) and I hadn’t really given them any thought other than a distant memory…until now.

These houses blew me away. How did I not know that building gingerbread MANSIONS was a thing that people do?! These are absolutely stunning!

Look at this thing. It’s probably taller than me! I can’t even count how many different types of candies they used to build this epic ode to Christmas! That tree is magical.

Alright, this one took a wrong turn into Wonderland, but I can’t stop staring at all of the different patterns! This one took an extra bit of creativity. And I bet it smells amazing.


This little house is too sweet! Look, they even put up a little mistletoe! I adore the decorations on this one! Powdered sugar snow? Yes, please.


They recreated the house from the movie¬†UP for this gingerbread home! It’s not festive, but it’s adorable!12.15a5

This house looks like it was taken directly out of a ballet backdrop! The delicate white icing on this gingerbread castle is so magical! I wish it were real – I would visit and never come home.


I wonder whose house this is? They got so many details! The stonework on the siding and windows, the shutters, the tree swing, the cobblestone path, and even the evergreen trees! I love the mini wreath on the door!


Oh, look! Another real house! These decorations are much more whimsical – the honeycomb roofing, the huge Christmas tree out front, and the fairy-like icicles falling from the roof make this one just delightful!


How many rooms does this estate have?! If I were a kid, I would not be able to resist that candy cane chimney! Oh, who am I kidding? I still don’t think I could resist that candy cane chimney…


This is definitely my favorite house. It’s wild, it’s elegant, and it’s dainty all at the same time! That had to have been done with royal icing! The piping is so detailed! Those windows are perfection, and that little heart at the top of the roof is too precious!


Another home recreated in gingerbread form! I just want to pick off one of those icicles and munch away! ….How did they make that fence?!


This house must have won a contest! Those railings are so incredible!


Now, this one looks like it was actually made with fresh-baked gingerbread! But it may in fact be several gingerbread kits all lumped together. Either way, I just want to take a huge bite out of it!


Have you ever made a gingerbread house that came close to these masterpieces?! I sure haven’t, but now I really, really, REALLY want to try!!

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