These Pants Were On Sale…But When They Arrived In The Mail, It Was IMPOSSIBLE To Stop Laughing!

Shopping for good deals online is sometimes a great alternative for people on a tight budget…but sometimes, “you get what you pay for!” From horrible wedding dresses to disaster prom dresses, (yes, even DIY!), many websites have no guarantees that what you see online is what will actually arrive in the mail…but when it happens to regular clothing items, the results can usually be laughed off! For a couple of bucks (as opposed to hundreds for a dress), she’s got a funny story to tell at parties, at least.So, when these $15 pants arrived in the mail…she burst into laughter! She posted them online (and people were very quick to make hilarious comparisons to “aliens”) At the prompting of her new fans, she double-checked the measurements of the garment. The model was wearing a size 8 and stood at the same height as her. She figured that they couldn’t have been the same pants as advertised…

But then something unexpected happened!Women who can never find pants long enough were flocking to the website to buy them in every color!

I’m 6’3” and I’m buying all of these,” one woman wrote.

Were the pants made to be worn with circus stilts? Maybe. But they accidentally made tall women everywhere very happy!

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