These Old Timey Playgrounds Aren’t Around Anymore…Gee, I Wonder Why?

The general attitude towards children at play “back in the old days” was usually simple: let them play. They’re kids. They’re going to fall, they’re going to trip, and they’re going to scrape their knees. No amount of adult supervision was going to change that, so why get in their way? Thankfully, these sorts of metal playgrounds no longer exist, and while the kids do look like they are having fun, most parents today would be having a panic attack.

30 feet high, with no safety bars, nets, or even soft sand underneath, this playground just looks like a horror movie waiting to happen. I see one adult on a bike, but would he really do much if one of these adventurous tots took a dangerous tumble? Probably not.8.31a16Alright, this one is a little better. The adults are a bit more attentive, and the climbable bits aren’t as high…but it is still unnerving to see. It may be┬ábecause the standards are so different. I’ll leave this one up to you.
8.31a17This “jungle gym” is a little more recent, but still able to give parents nightmares. All of those metal bars…who thought this was a good idea? I remember playing on one, of course (it was my favorite thing at the park), but it didn’t seem as dangerous back then.8.31a18And now, this is much more common.

The pictures are going viral, and people are pointing out that parents back then weren’t “bad” for letting their kids explore unsupervised. They also point out that maybe the companies who make playground equipment are more scared of lawsuits from injured children than anything else. What do you think about the drastic changes in playground equipment in the last 100 years?


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