These Officers Recreated Every Sorority Picture Ever And People Are In LOVE!

The satirical tweets posted to the Northwest Missouri State University Twitter account were meant to poke fun at the sororities currently announcing their “Big/Lil” pairs all over social media. The cutesy photos are a tradition at many universities where sorority members get matched with new members, called “Bigs and Littles.” Stunningly similar pictures begin popping up online when the girls get matched up, and these campus officers decided to adorably re-create a few of the favorite poses floating around!

The event is widely popular at the university…but as it turns out, universities around the country have similar events, and these officers were just too great to pass up! When the pictures went up, they thought that maybe a few hundred students would see them and smile.

They never thought that their happy poses would be seen, liked, and shared by hundreds of thousands!

Chief Clarence Green has been on the campus for 23 years and played the “big” to Officer Kevin Hawkins’ “little,” who has been on campus for 7 years!
They nailed these awesome photos, and as they went viral, students showered them with praise. Now, students are posting their replies to show that these officers really are their favorites.

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