These Nightmare Scenarios Remind Us Why Elevator Safety Is SUPER Important!

Escalators scare people for a reason: they are dangerous. Like most dangerous things, they probably won’t hurt you if you keep a respectful distance and follow the safety guidelines, but there are always people who just ignore the warning and end up getting into trouble! These people didn’t follow rule #1 for elevator safety: step off before the end!

Thankfully, someone was able to press the emergency stop button and get free before needing to go to the hospital for stitches!
At least she escaped with her life.
It shredded his shoelaces! You can replace shoelaces. You can’t replace a foot.Looks like someone wasn’t paying attention!There’s a reason so many kids think that escalators are monsters!Before you laugh at someone for being nervous around one of these machines, remember these chilling photographs…and remember to pay attention when exiting an escalator! Protect your toes!

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