These MRI Scans Of A French Bulldog Are A Little Bit Cute…And A LOT A Bit Terrifying!

French bulldogs are a favorite among dog lovers. Their giant ears, huge (adorable) eyes, and short snouts make them the perfect huggable companions! Full of energy and love, these snuggly pups are always ready to play…usually. But one man realized that his favorite pooch, adorably named Barry White, wasn’t feeling so great, and the vet couldn’t pinpoint the dog’s discomfort. He ordered a puppy-size MRI to try and find out exactly what was wrong with little Barry White…

When the vet showed the dog’s owner the resulting image scans, he couldn’t help but share them with the world! They are ridiculous, amusing…and frankly, scary as all heck! First, let’s look at a normal, healthy little bulldog! Cute, right?5.12a30It turns out that THIS monstrosity is lurking just beneath the surface! We knew that these dogs had large eyes, but the scan is nothing short of shocking! Yikes!5.12a31Have you ever wondered what your pup’s brain looked like? Here it is! Now I understand why my pups can only learn a few tricks before they give up…5.12a32These scans gave Barry White’s owner a fright! Those huge, googly eyes staring blankly at nothing? Aptly called “nightmare fuel” by the people who commented on the images, the insides of a cute little dog was not what anyone expected to see. Barry White was able to get the help that he needed thanks to these scans, and the rest of us got a curious glimpse into the insides of a dog. This is amusing, and the internet loved it.

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