These Miniature Cows Can Be Your New Dog. Will You Be Adopting One, Or Starting A HERD?

Miniature horses and pigs have been the favorite pets of people everywhere, but now you can have a mini cow, and people are in LOVE! Seriously, just look at them! Their little eyes, their little furry ears, their cute little noses…who wouldn’t want these adorable buddies as pets?!8.22a5They are so adorable, celebrities are posing with them on their daily walks! One mini cow owner was out with their adorable pet when reality tv host Howie Mandell couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a picture! He posed, totally excited about the miniature cow, loving the soft fur and adorable curiosity!8.22a6 Many of these small cows come from specialized breeding farms that cater to mini cow aficionados across the country. A cattle breeder in Colorado called Lovable Little Ones have “exceptional pets that demonstrate a great deal of affection, are very social, and are easy to take care of.”8.22a7They also make great family pets, enthusiasts say, because they do not require any specialized equipment to care for. They are family-friendly and are used to teach children the responsibility and care for others, much like a dog.

The cows grow up to be 24-46” tall, and some of them are used on smaller cattle farms as dairy cows or to keep a small herd such as longhorns or beef cattle.

Would you consider welcoming a mini cow into your home, or are you perfectly content to adore them from a distance?


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