These Life Hacks Just Might Save You During An Apocalypse. Did You Know This About Crayons?!

What are the most important things that you’ll need to survive if the world suddenly comes to a halt? There won’t be anymore running water, no electricity, no heating or air conditioning, and no grocery stores to shop around for food. Okay, so maybe the world won’t end anytime soon, but if you find yourself out in the wilderness, these survival tips might just save your life. These life hacks are easy to remember and just might be the difference between life and death! Or at least they’re good tricks to remember the next time you go camping.

A single crayon will burn for roughly 30 minutes in an emergency. You don’t need to soak it in anything, and you don’t even need the paper. Although the paper does help to get things started! A tip from people who have tried this hack: melt off the “pointy” part of the crayon first and drip the melted wax into a small pile. You can then stick the burning crayon into the wax pile and the crayon will stand straight up. Save those crayons!


A good way to start a fire if there is no kindling or dry leaves around is to use chips. Doritos, Fritos, and Cheetos will all catch fire long enough to help you get a large fire going. If you happen to have cotton balls on hand, you can rub them with Vaseline as a quick fire starter as well. Dryer lint will also catch quickly and act as kindling, so keep your eyes peeled!


Collect water easily by taking advantage of foliage! All you need is a plastic bag and the sun! And a plant, of course. Tie your plastic bag around the leaves of a plant and leave a lot of space for water to drip down. Leave your creation where the sun will hit it and evaporate water from inside of the plant. This water is drinkable and is easier than digging a hole into the ground or trying to purify contaminated water!


Use your watch as a compass! If you live on the Northern hemisphere, point the hour hand and the sun. The direction of South will be the point between the sun and 12 o’clock. If you watch is digital, it may have a compass, but if not, be sure to find a mechanical wrist watch and stay on course! If you live in the Southern hemisphere,¬†point the 12 o’clock at the sun and the direction of North will be the mid-point between the sun and the hour hand.


Salt water is more versatile than you think! Especially during an apocalypse when you can’t just run to the drug store for creams and medication. Salt water will calm the itch of scratches or bug bites when you soak your irritated skin. Gargling salt water can ease the pain of a sore throat. Poison ivy and poison oak will heal just a bit faster if you soak the areas in salt water. For more severe cases you can work the salt and water into a thick paste and leave it on the areas for a while. If you get a wound in your mouth, you can swish salt water around to help the healing process along and ease a bit of the pain.


Use dental floss and a safety pin as a fishing line. When the going gets tough, the tough get creative! It might be a bit unconventional, but if you’re starving and want to try catching some fish, this can work fairly well! You can bend the safety pin to have more of a “hook” shape, and you can even try using a bent paperclip, too. Fishing lines might be all taken when the apocalypse comes around, but I doubt people will be looting for dental care products! Just attach some bait and get ready to be really patient for some delicious dinner!


Who knows if any of us will actually have to try these out, but it’s good to be prepared just in case! Note to self: don’t overlook boxes of crayons and dental floss when the world suddenly comes to an abrupt end! Also, I’m not sure I could bring myself to burn delicious chips instead of eating them. Who knows when we will see these delicious snacks ever again! What do you think of these tips?

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