These Late 80’s Glamour Shots Might Be TOO Familiar! Did You Ever Get One Of These?!

They just made sense at the time. Getting dressed up in the style of the time, wearing bold makeup, big jewelry, bright ruffled gowns (or dark leather jackets), and mooning into the camera surrounded by a wave of hair kept upright by hopes, dreams, and hairspray…well, those were essential when it came to a successful “glamour shot.” The late 80’s and early 90’s were the time to get it done. The soft backgrounds and even softer lighting made each subject seem as if they had just stepped onto the cover of a romance novel.

Here are some of the best! The photographer must have said to open her eyes “as wide as possible.” Nailed it!Go big, or go home!If your ruffles weren’t irridescent, they weren’t cool enough.Grandma ain’t messing around!Big hair? Check. Studs? Check. Purple leather? Check and check!I’ll be honest. I have a picture just like this one!Did you ever get a glamour shot taken? Did yours look a little something like these?!

While they aren’t the “duck faces,” the style sure is bold enough to have a category all of its own!

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