These Knotted Pillows Are Taking Over Living Rooms Across The Country! Do You Want One?

The decorative pillow craze has taken root in most homes – while a pillow may not be functional, it may as well be gorgeous, right? These pillows have been trending simply because they are so unique! They won’t blend in with your other pillows, and people are falling in love with them because apparently they are pretty simple to make at home! This DIY project is one of the most talked about in the new year, and we’re betting that it won’t be over anytime soon.The pillows can be crafted into any shape, which makes them a fun accessory to toss onto a couch or bed. People have gotten creative, but the knotted shape is still a favorite. To make the knot, you need to start out with a long “tube” shaped pillow. Then, all that’s left to do is knot it and secure the ends together at the back.One of the simplest patterns to follow is below:
These knotted pillows are a pop of fun and a splash of color, making any room seem all the more exciting! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with one of these? Do you love them or hate them?

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