These Kittens Exist Thanks To One Cat Born In A Shelter And Rescued!

This little curly-haired orange kitten popped up on social media recently and people were stunned – they had never seen a cat with curly hair quite like this! Some people thought it must have been a trick, but it turns out that the curly little kitty was a descendant from one specific cat that was rescued back in 1987!
It was 1987 in a Montana shelter that a pregnant stray gave birth to a litter of 5 kittens. Each kitten had regular coats of fur…except one! Miss DePesto was born with strange, curly hair. The genetic anomaly was stunning, and the kitten was adopted by a Persian breeder, Jeri Newman.

As more and more people hear the story, they are becoming increasingly critical of the curly coat’s origins. Why did the shelter allow a stray cat to be adopted by a breeder? With so many animals needing good homes, why didn’t the shelter spay and neuter all of the cats that left?

In the end, Jeri discovered that the curly hair was a dominant genetic trait and bred the stray cat with a black Persian, leading to a litter of 6 kittens all with that same signature curly coat.
She gave it the name Selkirk Rex and people fell in love. The adorable coat was unique, but as the origins for the curls was revealed, people were upset.
Overpopulation in animal shelters is a very real problem. Curly-haired cats are adorable. People don’t know what to think!

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