These Kids Went To Prom In The Most Perfect Color-Coordinated Way Possible! Wait Until You See What They Are HIDING In Plain Sight!

These students from Subiaco Academy in Arkansas are going viral for their clever prom group idea! Most couples choose a color after the girl has found her dream dress. She’ll tell him what color vest to buy and what color the corsage needs to be, and the group doesn’t usually come together to match. As long as the couples look good for a picture, that’s all that matters…usually.

When photographer Johnny Bolinger began taking these pictures, he thought it would just be a normal prom photo session. Until the kids said that they had a surprise in store!5.4a28The girls turned around and unbuttoned their dates’ black dress shirts to reveal a quirky surprise! They were all super heroes in disquise! The photographer was impressed at how much detail the teens put into their idea! Superheroes are popular right now, and the teens thought it would be fun to work the idea into this special night!5.4a26The group met up with friends a little later on and took a photo with even more superheroes who had the same idea! How cute are they?5.4a27He posted the photo on a Saturday evening, and only one week after, it had been shared over 375,000 times! Bolinger had only just started this photography business as a side project. His day job is being a cop! The publicity has been a shock, but he is excited that so many people loved his picture! These kids are going viral with their clever idea, and I hope it was a night to remember!

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