These Kids Set Up A Lemonade Stand To Pay Off The School Lunch Debt For OTHER Students

The Coeur d’Alene Public School District has many students with outstanding lunch debts, which means the kids are given the bare minimum for their lunch until their parents can come up with the money to pay the school. One second-grader, Amiah, didn’t think that was fair at all. She decided to do something about it, and this lemonade stand is her way of helping out.

She started with a small goal: to pay off the lunch debt at her school.

But over her weekend, she raised $40 which was enough to pay the lunch debt at three schools in her area! It was such an unexpected success that she decided to set an even loftier goal:

Pay off the debt for the entire school district! The total cost of her endeavor would amount to $23,000…but she wasn’t going to let that number scare her.
With the help of her mother, Amiah is now raising money through GoFundMe along with her lemonade stand and hopes to be able to help families in need at all of the schools in her area. It might have sounded impossible, but so in just one month she has managed to raise just over $4,000!

They hope that their campaign will be a success. She plans to continue working her lemonade stand until she reaches her goal because all kids deserve a good lunch in order to focus on their studies.

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